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Fishing Report for Uncompahgre River Mid February to Mid March

We've been getting out and taking trips on the Uncompahgre River this month. This is a great time of year to fish the the tailwaters and any open freestones.


With the overcast weather, bites have been starting around 11, but if the sun comes out you could get bites a little earlier. That said, the overcast days seem to be slightly more productive overall. The dry fly bite is more consistent on the overcast days as well, with small midge emergers and dries being the ticket there. Fish are holding in the deeper runs and starting to come out if the bugs do as well. Be ready to adjust your depth & weight (see our last blog). We're starting to get out pretty frequently, and we look forward to sharing current conditions, techniques that may help you be more successful on the water, and flies that we're using and having success with. Look for updated fishing reports once or twice a month.


Midges, Baetis



CFA Scarface Baetis Purple, Light Olive and Pheasant Tail colors in sizes 18 and 20

CFA Skinny Olive Frenchy in sizes 18 and 20

CFA Skinny Frenchy in sizes 18 and 20

CFA Titan Midge Gray and Black sizes 20 and 22

CFA Fried Eggs in Yellow and Orange sizes 18 and 20 (coming soon to the website)


Eric's Midge in sizes 18 and 20

Midnight Midge in sizes 18 and 20

Molefly in sizes 18 and 20

S.I.T.S. Midge in sizes 18 and 20

Scarface Baetis Scarface Baetis Fried Egg Yellow Skinny Frenchy Olive

Light Olive Purple


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