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Behind The Fly, Volume I.: The Scarface Baetis

Anatomy of a Fly: The Scarface Baetis is a true guide fly. It was born out of the necessity to have a replicative Baetis pattern that could be tied up quickly, would hold up to the riggors of clients fishing it frequently, and most importantly it had to fish.

The Barr's Baetis Emerger has long been my favorite Baetis pattern. The Barr's Emerger is the Baetis pattern that I have fished more than any other since I began fly fishing & even began guiding. If you have fished it, then you know why. Not only does this fly just flat out fish, but it's very versatile as well. 

The original Barr's Emerger was tied to mimic Pale Morning duns, the BWO (Baetis) pattern actually came after. There's also the highly unknown Black Back Barr's Emerger. The point is that this pattern is highly versatile. That was imperative with the Scarface Baetis design. A fly that can be tied quickly, durably, and be versatile. 

At first observation of the Scarface Baetis, most tyers and some anglers will recognize the brown tail, olive abdomen & gray thorax/legs color scheme; because it was inspired straight from the Barr's Emerger. That's right; if the Scarface Baetis pattern and the  Scarface PMD pattern look familiar it's because it's the same color scheme as those 2 infamous fly patterns. 

While keeping the color scheme the same, we've changed the material of essentially everything else, to be more rugged. Synthetic materials were favored in the design of this fly purely for their consistency and strength.  The synthetic materials also pave way for the ultra slim profile of this fly.Then we top off the Scarface with UV resin, deeming it virtually indestructible. 

Upon testing the Scarface Baetis, we fell in love with it immediately. We watched the Scarface out-fish a Jujubaetis multiple times 5-1 & even 6-1 on the end of client lines, almost in disbelief. Yes, that includes the standard and purple Juju. What about the aforementioned Barr's that was the inspiration? It out fishes that too, on the same indiscriminate, client rigs. 

Along with the Baetis and the PMD patterns, we also have a  brown on black scheme (that will remind you of a Pheasant Tail) and of course we have the purple version as well, because purple just fishes. Look for several more versions coming soon including an all brown, a dark olive, a black back version, as well as a Pink Cahill version. 

We hope you have already discovered what we have, that the Scarface Baetis is the hottest little nymph pattern going. If you haven't, we hope you take the time to. Fish it and you'll begin to understand where we got that name from too. 

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