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Rogue River, OR 10/10/20

I took the longest drive ever to Grant's Pass, OR and got the chance to fish the Rogue River. This is a beautiful, large, powerful river and most importantly, a steelhead populated river in Southwestern Oregon.

It was nice to get out as lately there has been too many flies in my vise and not enough on the end of my line. But the flies in the vise pay money, and the others don't, not directly anyways.

I had the chance to fish here once before about 10 years ago and ended up doing alright; catching 4 or 5 total. Most were smelt but I did land 1 18" fish.

I headed this time to a spot right off Highway 99 after stopping by the local shop in Medford; Rogue Valley Anglers.

The gentleman there set me up with some stoneflies and eggs, some sound advice and tips, and even threw in some great conversation for free.

I headed out to Chinook Park and got started. I found a hole immediately that knowing what I know about Steelhead, which is nothing much, seemed fishy. I rigged up deep and it seemed to be the right thing to do as I could see that I was definitely running on the bottom. Within an hour or so I hooked into one small fish and ended up losing it at the shore before I could see what it was.

I moved upstream after a bit and ended up hooking into one more with the same shortcoming results. Small and not landed.

Either way a great day out on the water and looking forward to more; it's beautiful country up here and a beautiful river as well.

Rogue River, OR

Tight lines!


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