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Big Thompson Fall Fishing 9/26/20

Well fall fishing is here and the flows on the T are sustaining some hungry trout. Flows are lower but the trout are stacked up in the holes. Look for feeders in the usual lanes, but they are starting to look for warmer water early on. Later in the day they are moving out to the runs to get chunky.

I fished the upper stretch for about an hour and half and it was lights out. I was throwing a shop bought (hold judgement) Hippy Stomper that was left on my guide rod from the last trip out, not that there is anything wrong with that, down to a Lite-Brite and a jig D-Rib Caddis.

Lights out for the whole time. Hooked most of em' on the caddis, 1 or 2 on the Lite Brite, and 2 or 3 on the crappy tied store bought Hippy Stomped which fell apart immediately after it did (admittedly) catch my biggest fish of the day. I would recommend the CFA Stimulated Chubby instead; a much more durable and buoyant fly. The Stimulated Chubby and the Jig D-Rib Caddis, Lite-Brite and another 225+ pattens are available in the fly shop.

Also had a crazy Baetis hatch while I was out there. Managed to get a close up of one of the little fellows.

Eat more Olives....Blue Wing Olives

Baetis....Blue Winged Olive....BWO...whatever you call it...yummy.

Tight Lines!

Get your Jig D-Rib Caddis now. $2.50 ea. Or 3/$6.75

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