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North St. Vrain 3/11/20

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Visited the North St. Vrain River today for a little while. The fishing was peculiarly slow. I was working on the Euro game in preparation of finally getting my Euro rod tomorrow, so I was using the 7'6" Ross rod. Not ideal at all. I was getting more hits than I could respond to; with the stiff tip, by the time I would feel several of the takes it would be too late. I did manage a few fish.One came on a Czech grub and another on a pink Ray Charles. Still learning the Euro nymphing game. Some days I crush those trout and others, not so much. I have noticed that the shorter the rod I use and the shorter the rod tip the worse I do...obviously; and thus why I'm waiting anxiously for my new Euro rod to come.

Tight Lines

The North St. Vrain as it flows out of Ralph Price Reservoir and into Longmont Reservoir
You never want to leave but when you get this view on the road helps the journey.

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