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Korkers Terror Ridge & Devil's Canyon wading boots

I have used Korkers boots exclusively for the last 10 years. I have always felt that they are a good value and their customer service has always been spot on. Personally speaking, I love the interchangeable soles. I do (used to do more) alot of hiking & studs needed. I also do alot of good old river fishing and I specialize in casting while walking (I know dont say it). In that case...studs needed. So recently when it was time to upgrade/repair my boots I went back to my old stand by again. Curious as to how Korkers are holding up these days to other brands? Then read on.

First, a quick history: I did the guide demo program years back (listen to the sales rep talk about boots and get a pair for super cheap). It was for the KGB (Korkers guide boot) model. So all of us guides bought in and ponied up. Within weeks we were all complaining.. durability issues and simple deisgn issues (the detachable soles especially). We called, they fixed, and they said they had a a bad run on boots and they had resolved the issue. Hassle free, quick, simple and the replacements lasted for 3 seasons. I loved them. The next 2 pairs I bought cheaper models and for the most part got a good boot with less durability, as you'd expect. Get what you pay for right? That said the last pair seemed to have blown a little early for the money spent.

So I cruised on down to the local fly shop and tried some boots on. Tried the Terror Ridge (MSRP $179.99) and loved em.

Korkers Terror Ridge (MSRP $179.99)

I really appreciated the snugness of the boot. Seemed durable, good construction, etc. I asked the shop owner to order me a pair and he said since I was a guide I could call em up and see if they could help out.

So I called and told them I had 2 old pairs but that the one pair blew pretty quick. Told them that the Greenbacks gave me what I thought I paid for them. They agreed and said since I was a loyal customer and guide I could get a pair for super cheap. Sounds great.... great customer service.

So I went online and ordered, got them shipped super quick and tried the new kicks out. From the get go I loved the feel, ease and functionality of them. The sole system is more functional and is less frustrating...they snap right in and change out quick. They held my foot real good and had great ankle support; a must for me personally.

However, within weeks the eyelets around the right boot lace holes stsrted coming off. It looks like they basically used a cheap plastic grommet to protect the boots from the lace wear. Not acceptable. I spent a lot of dough on these and in the mean time I had ordered my son some Simms boots and was honestly pretty impressed with them. I let them know it too. They responded quickly and said I could send them in and it would be a quick fix. But it was in August. I need my boots in August.

So I asked about a replacement pair or an upgrade or maybe even send me out an early release of next years Wraptor models. Wraptors weren't done being manufactured and the Terror Ridge was not available in my size. So I said now what? The guy at Korkers asked if I had considered the Devils Canyon (MSRP $199.99) with the BOA lace system.

I was honest and told him not really as I had heard the BOA is a pain in the ass, breaks, and doesn't stay tight or get tight enough. He couldnt have agreed more. But then he said that those were issues of the past and that even he rocked those boots after not being a believer himself. He said I would love them or I could send them back. I bought in and they arrived within 2 days. He only upcharged me $20, and never asked for the other pair back (shhh).

Having a good 20 days on them I can honestly say I love this boot. I have to really crank on the BOA to get them tight with my wet socks but it's not so bad if I wear 2 pairs. They fit real good with my Patagucci waders though. If I ordered again I would try going 1 size smaller possibly. Minus that, which isn't their fault, these boots are great. Easy on and easy off is understated. These are super easy and quick on/off boots for sure. As mentioned, the soles are super functional too. No more slamming and manipulating them to complete the installation process.

The boots drain and dry very well too. They are full of synthetic materials and keep the weight low too.

Now comes the durability issues. Only time will tell. Stay tuned for an update.

As for the Terror Ridge boots, I am going to take them to a shoesmith and have them put on some nice metal grommets. Next season I'll have an extra pair of boots lying around to wear which will come in handy I'm sure with all the work I'm anticipating.

All in all, I really like the Korkers brand and love their long history of exceptional customer service with me. I believe their products are probably not as durable as a Simms boot but they know how to stand behind their product, offer a little more functional versatility with their exclusive sole system and really know how to keep a customer. You can pay a little more for a comparable Simms boot, and you will most likely get more days out of it, but like we said.... pay for what you get. But you might give up some versatility. If you don't care about the sole system, the choice is yours. But I definitely recommend Korkers, and if you have issues, call them up and watch them keep a customer.

The link below connects to the Korkers Terror Ridge and Devil's Canyon product page. You can read about all the tech jargon I left out. Check em out:

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