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At Colorado Fly Angler, we believe that fly fishing is a sacred connection between the river, the angler, and the environment; and one that shall be protected for future generations to come. We encourage responsible angling, practice catch & release, and we love to educate others on how to respect our resources. 

We believe that fly fishing serves as a conduit of bringing together all the best that nature has to offer; wildlife, scenery, and serenity. The Revolution measures angling success not in trout inches, but rather in the quantity memories and smiles shared.

The Revolution is building a community of like minded anglers who practice and preach shared principles; so that fly fisherman and fisherwomen can return the gift back to the community and support each other.

In the end, as guides and anglers, we work to protect our places of play in the forests and rivers; and thrive to save our co-workers & weekend warrior partners, the trout, in the places we all cherish the most, in the state we love the most: Colorado.


Fly Fishing Montrose
Fly Fishing Montrose
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